To be or not to be a father… This film about fatherhood is a comedy full of hope that goes beyond all boundaries.


In Enguerrand’s family, little boy adopted from Africa, nothing is like elsewhere!

His father, Eliot (François-Xavier Demaison) is so unconfortable to be an adoptive father that he wearies his son, all day long, with his african origins. According to her mother, Ava (Isabelle Carré), Eliot does everything too much: too loving, too stifling…

One night, Enguerrand crosses path with a migrant, Kwabena, with dark skin like his. For the little boy, that’s for sure, it’s his biological father! He therefore decides to host him in his bedroom, to the astonishment of his parents…

The adventures and twists could bring together the family as never before.

Year: 2017
Lenght: 85′
Distributor: SND Films (M6 Group)

Directed by Maxime Motte
Co-produced by Winds

With François-Xavier Demaison, Isabelle Carré, Albert Delpy, Diouc Koma, Owen Kanga, Robert Lemaire, Bernard Marbaix
Produced by Laetitia Galitzine (Chapka Film) and Philippe Rousselet (Vendôme Production)