“What if the moon and the stars lit up the night on earth? It’s so simple, yet it’s the frst time ever!”

Jacques Perrin


A baby elephant is born on a riverbank. HavingKalahari are beginning to dry up and soon this Garden of Eden will become an unforgiving desert. Hereyoung mothe These impressive mammals memorize the trails and pass them down from generation to generation.

The  In the black of the night, animals never before filmed under these conditions tranquilly go about their daily activities, Lycaon pictus, bat-eared fox, aardvark, owls, porcupines, and desert lynx, strange sometimes disquieting species that usually flee at the first unusual glow.

The dry season catches the little elephant family off guard.  Water and pastures are cruelly lacking, confusion, stress and scarcity abound in the midst of this massive gathering of elephants, the biggest in the world.

Will the matriarch prevail in keeping her little family together? Will the baby elephant escape alice from the innumerable predators and the incessant drought? They far away storms can be felt over the horizon, and the muffled rumbling of thunder that the elephants perceive from kilometers away announce the saving grace of the returning rains.

Broadcast on France 2 and Planète +
Distribution: Eone Canada

Directed by Thierry Machado
Written by Stéphane Durand & Thierry Machado

Produced by Barthélémy Fougea & Jacques Perrin
Co-produced by NHK and Galatée