Have you ever asked yourself what daily life is like for those men and women – sailors, nuns or oil engineers – who live many miles’ distant from our idea of society, totally cut off from the rest of the world?


The documentary series Another life (Une vie ailleurs) looks at those who live a different kind of life from the rest of us, because of their convictions, or because of their unusual profession.

In order to investigate such communities, who live according to particular codes, journalists Charlotte Savreux and Julienne Bertaux have made the link between viewers and these separated worlds.

The characters they encounter are the heroes of the series, and by following their adventures we discover and learn about the “life of others”.

Genre: 3×52′ documentary series
Based on an original idea by Jérôme Korkikian and Sidonie Bonnec

Written and directed by Jérôme Korkikian
Produced by Barthélémy Fougea in association with Univers K

Journalists : Charlotte Savreux et Julienne Bertaux
Broadcast on France 5