“If you want to get to know a people, you must listen to their music.”


Documentary collection

Kids, music and dance

There are eight of them, these children from distant lands. Some live in China, others in India or in Mali. Though very different, they all share the same passion: music.

From the Chinese lusheng to Indian tablas, and the kora of Mali to the drum of Cuba, this documentary series A child’s passion takes us on a journey of discovery of music and the intimate relationship of each child with their instrument.

The portrait of each child is painted like a story. In it, the details of a still-living tradition are revealed, and also the history and the secrets of how the instruments are made. At the same time the unusual situation of each child, their relationship with their family and their teacher is shown.

The documentary series Kids, music and dance has met with international success and has won numerous accolades:

Year: 1994
genre: 8×26′ documentary series

Written by Barthélémy Fougea
broadcast on Canal+, La Cinquième, Canal J

Directed by Tony Gatlif, Jérôme-Cecil Auffret, Patrick Glaize, Xiao Ling Zhu, Anita Bonan et Barthélémy Fougea

Children’s novel

Donell, young pan player

Donell is 10. He plays the pan in a steel band. Pans are large metal drums struck using wooden batons. This year, his band are taking part in the Panorama competition that opens the carnival.

Will they win the competition? This film is a terrific portfolio for showing the adventures of Donell, his family, his friends, and the carnival.

A booklet shows Donell’s home country: Trinidad and Tobago – a world full of colour, where Africans, Creoles, Indians, Chinese and Whites rub shoulders within the Lesser Antilles…

Publisher: Michèle Mira Pons
Written by Hachette Jeunesse

Photos by Jean-Baptiste Avril

Musical book

Antòn and the music of Cuba

Since his very early age, Anton has played percussion. They say in Havana that he was born clasping bongos. He has been spotted by the famous musician El Piano. El Piano is keen to hear him and know what this young prodigy can really do. Anton is shaking like a leaf as he walks into the old concert hall with its red velvet hangings, dominated by a grand piano… El Piano starts to play, and Anton makes the skin of his instrument vibrate. A great percussionist is born.

This is a story of childhood and music, with illustrations to make one dream and a CD with music to escape to. And a true account of a child musician living in today’s Havana. The songs on the CD have been translated into French on what is a collection of the greatest Cuban singers and musicians.

Written by Emmanuel Viau
Illustrations by Olivier Tallec

Publisher: Gallimard Jeunesse

Photographs Stéphane Lagoutte