“A child, a teacher and a pen can change the world.”

Malala Yousafsa

The feature-length

Teach me if you can

They live on th four corners of the planet. They struggle day after day to transmit knowledge. They open up new horizons to children who have a deep thirst for learning.

From a nomads’ camp buried under show in Siberia to the stifling scrublands of Burkina Faso, from the flooded fields and roads of Bangladesh, to a remote village in the hills of South Lebanon, these teachers are inspired by their sole and common vocation : Knowing that and educated child can change the world.

To achieve this purpose, they are ready to relentlessly overcom and contend with a thousand challenges, barriers and hardship.

Edwige, Urtu, Mili and Mountaha : The teachers Beyond deploying their profound commitment which goes above and beyond their primary job requirements : teaching children to read and write withoutany blackboards or chalk, avoiding or postponing a child marriage, working towards peace, preserving nomadic culture and traditions, they have also turned teaching into a genuine adventure, changing the destinies of their pupils : Aisha, Vassily, Saba and Sayid.

By their side and through them we will share in the experience of the Universal story of transmission no matter what, through thick and thin.

This film is the story of four magical encounters that have transformed the lives of children and their teachers alike.

Year: 2019
length: 90′

Directed by Émilie Thérond
Broadcast: SND, F2, OCS

Produced by Barthélémy Fougea
Co-produced by Daisy G.Nichols

The documentary series

Teach me if you can

The documentary series Teachers in the Extreme consists of 6×52’ episodes tracing the journeys of teachers in differents countries auround the world.

Length: 6 x 52′
Produced by Lucile Moura & Bathélémy Fougea
Bible: Thomas Dandois & Barthélémy Fougea