“A child, a teacher and a pen can change the world.”

Malala Yousafsa

The feature-length

Teach me if you can

They live on th four corners of the planet. They struggle day after day to transmit knowledge. They open up new horizons to children who have a deep thirst for learning.

The teachers:

Sandrine Zongo – Burkina Faso West Africa:

Newly minted teacher, Sandrine is posted to Tiogagara, a remote village in the bush, six hundred kilometers from her children and home in the capital of Ouagadougou.
Fifty students speaking five different dialects and little to no French, await her in a semi open-aired thatched classroom.
Faced with novelty, language barriers and illiteracy she embraces her mission with hope, purpose and generosity.

Svetlana Vassileva – Siberia Russian Far East:

All year round Svetlana braves hundreds of kilometers by reindeer and slay, across the harsh Siberian landscapes just like her ancestors, the Evenki, have done for centuries before her.
Traveling with her itinerant school, she joins Evenki nomad families who have set up camp in the heart of the Tundra. They are reindeer herders who spend their lives following the seasons.
Svetlana looks forward to resuming the Nomadic School with Matvei, Iura and the other children.
Being a nomad in a world craving speed and comfort implies making a radical choice: the choice of freedom.
But striking a balance between preserving the Evenki language, cultural heritage and traditions along side the mandatory Russian school curriculum whilst nurturing curiosity and creativity are challenges that Svetlana is profoundly inspired by.

Taslima Akter – Bangladesh India:

North of Bangladesh, increasingly violent Monsoons are radically changing the landscape.
Flooding has brutally submerged the Sunamganj District, cutting off roads and forcing families to take refuge on small eroding strips of land.
Taslima is 22, four years ago a humanitarian organization entrusted her with the undertaking of teaching children from her native village on a school boat allowing them to continue their studies under the climatic duress.
Her strength, independence and sheer determination are put to the test as she navigates cultural barriers, family pressures and poverty to bring Yasmin, her niece and nephews and all her students to pursue their education and avoid underage marriages for girls.
Pushing boundaries and paving new paths towards independence and freedom through education and self-confidence are her driving forces, battles she has deeply rooted within herself.

Year: 2019
length: 90′

Directed by Émilie Thérond
Broadcast: Gebeka, F2, OCS

Produced by Barthélémy Fougea
Co-produced by Daisy G.Nichols

The documentary series

Teach me if you can

The documentary series Teachers in the Extreme consists of 6×52’ episodes tracing the journeys of teachers in differents countries auround the world.

Length: 6 x 52′
Produced by Lucile Moura & Bathélémy Fougea
Bible: Thomas Dandois & Barthélémy Fougea